The Kids...

We are big fans of Allen Elementary School. Each year the teachers and staff identify third and fourth graders they think would benefit from TBK. And then the fun begins. We get a whole year with these kids, learning their gifts, their quirks, and watching their creativity explode.

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The Team

Ryan Wagers

Ryan Wagers is the Director of Operations for TBK, meaning he runs the day-to-day aspects of the program. Ryan has his degree in Christian Education from Indiana Wesleyan University and comes to us with 4 years of Assistant Director responsibilities at Spring Hill Camps. Ryan is passionate about the volunteer experience, developing organizational systems, and helping children develop confidence and competence. Ryan is married to Beth, a social worker, and together they enjoy serving in the church and the community and enjoying finding creative ways to bridge the gap between the two. Ryan loves learning, exploring different ways to accomplish a task, consuming new media, and sharing dinner with good friends

Sia  M'Bayo

Sia M'Bayo has served God and the Marion, IN community in various ways since God called her into ministry. She spent twelve years directing a food pantry and lunch program in downtown Marion. She served as the community pastor at College Wesleyan Church, and helped shift the culture at the church to be more outwardly focused. Sia is trained in ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) and she currently serves as an Educational Assistant at Allen Elementary School. While she is a pastor to the pastor-less, her greatest accomplishment in life is the care she provides to her son, Elijah.

Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury, Ph.D. is the Director of Vision and Innovation of TBK. Her “day job” is spent teaching practical theology classes at Indiana Wesleyan University. She’s spent close to 15 years in youth ministry and holds a Masters and PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary. She’s also an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan Church. Amanda is married to John, a systematic theologian, and they enjoy parenting their three young children. Amanda desires to be filled with the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit in hopes that she might experience true life and be empowered to share that life with others.


This is where the magic happens

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In the fall of 2016 the Marion Public Library officially opened their doors to The Brain Kitchen. We meet in the Jay House in the corner of the library parking lot. And this house has a story...

“The Jay House, owned by the Marion Public Library, is a two-story brick house located at 118 W. 7th Street, on the northeast corner of 7th and Boots Street.

The house was built in 1888 by Abijah C. Jay, a prominent citizen in Marion and Grant County. Mr. Jay played a significant role in obtaining a gift in 1901 from Andrew Carnegie to build a public library in Marion. He held several offices in public service and was a Commissioner of Grant County at the time the present Court House was built; his name appears on the cornerstone.

The gabled Jay House is a fine example of the Queen Anne style of Victorian architecture. The front porch has been altered which resulted in the removal of the original Moorish-arched trim as shown in the picture, but otherwise few exterior alterations have occurred. The interior features a beautiful open staircase, original woodwork, elegant mantelpieces, and hardwood floors.

The House has been listed in the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures and the National Register of Historic Places.”

Taken from the Marion Public Library Website


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